How We Optimize

Each client is different, and because of this your SEO needs will differ based on your overall goals and budget. The structure of your website is another major consideration. We will customize your campaign to maximize your return on investment. We do this by analyzing your business, your site, and your competition to determine the best possible plan of action for your specific business. There is no magic bullet. Every campaign simply requires lots of hard work, professional knowledge, and persistence.

We are committed to our clients’ successes and at the end of the day, we feel our Optimization campaigns deliver search engine rankings that will result in the returns you seek. And although it has become a cliché to say, it is none the less true - “Your success is our success”.

Here are the steps we take when optimizing your site:

Competitive Analysis

To effectively compete you need to know who your internet competition is. Your internet competition is very often not your “real world” competitors. We do a comprehensive analysis of your internet competition so you can do what you need to stay ahead.

Website Analysis

There are a number of factors regarding the structure of a website that can either hurt or help a site rank well. Our comprehensive analysis includes reviewing your site's code and the use of Flash and Java Scripts, 404 error pages, your site's content and much more, so your site can reap the full benefit of an ongoing, and well orchestrated, optimization campaign.

Keyword Research and Analysis

This is the most important analysis we perform. It will determine if your campaign simply drives traffic to your site or brings a return on your investment. Analyzing potential keywords without determining their commercial intent often results in an ineffective campaign. We analyze your keywords, and how best to optimize for them, in a way that brings qualified traffic to your site, not just visitors. This is one area where quantity does not necessarily mean quality.

SEO Strategic Development Plan

Every SEO campaign is different. Based on your Competitive, Website, and Keyword Analysis we create a comprehensive Strategic Plan to grow your site’s rankings and secure your ROI. The Strategic Plan is a step by step outline of how we will increase your rankings. As we progress we periodical review the plan to ensure we stay on target and make adjustments to the plan when needed, so we can maximize the effectiveness of your SEO campaign.

Benchmarking and Bi-Monthly Reporting

We document your rankings when we begin your campaign and monitor them on a regular basis. You will receive a detailed report twice a month outlining your progress, and because you know what World Wide Web SEO is doing to increase your rankings, you will always have complete control of your campaign.

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