What is SEO ?

Search Engine Optimization. It's not magic, it is a series of methodical steps and techniques, when consistently applied over a period of time, results in a measurable increase in search engine rankings and increased traffic.

SEO is an ever changing discipline, and each year it becomes more complex. Search Engine companies are continuously changing and refining their algorithms based on the way users search and the relevancy of content to those searches. As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO companies must stay aware of these changes and continuously implement the most relevant strategies to keep their clients competitive.

According to Forbes Magazine "Americans tap search engines more than 12 billion times a month to find everything from guitar lessons to jambalaya recipes."

Without a doubt, search engine optimization has become the most important marketing strategy for businesses that want to increase their reach and therefore their revenues. Ironically SEO is the most overlooked online marketing tool available. Also ironically, SEO can in fact be much cheaper to implement than other standard forms of marketing.

But, buyer beware, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. No SEO company can guarantee who or what Google shows as No. 1. If a company gives you such a guarantee consider it a red flag. They are most likely employing "black hat" practices--like keyword stuffing and link farming--which can get a site banned from search engines. Once that happens, it's very hard to get back in Google's good graces

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